Friday, June 10, 2011


Hey guys I just wanted to let you no that NOW WE HAVE 20 FOLLOWERS!!! so I thought I would have a little fun contest. Hide And Seek contest first to find me wins the first prize I will hide 3 times.
1st to find me gets a dragon hoard pack.
2st to find me gets a Skeletal dragon treasure card.
3rd to find me gets a Fire dragon.
I will only hide in wizard city so wizard with no sub. can find me.
I will give hints off on facebook and if I can in comments on this post or a chat room if I can put one.
Dont forget to add me if your not my friend on facebook.
The contest starts later today 6/10/11 at 7:30 eastern time
enjoy and I hope you have fun!!!


  1. I'm behind a building by a waterfall

  2. I have been found I will hide in another spot in like 10 min i give the hint when I'm rdy

  3. ok I'm hidden the first hint is I'm in the realm of the life spell that does a back fli

  4. hehe found you but i ain't saying anything

  5. BONUS HINT I'm where the pioneer dragon was sold :)

  6. the last name of a president is the realm I'm in