Saturday, June 4, 2011

Dont be tricked by scammers!

Hey guys I was just in the commons and I saw this wizard say I will give a code for a sword for a snack pack. I new this guy was most likely a scammer and I wanted to find out. I sent him a whisper when I was in my house cause I saw it in my chat box. I added him and had him port I asked him repeatedly the name of the sword he wondnt tell me then he told me its astral converter. I went on google and checked to see if it was real. It wasnt so now I new he was a scammer. I said that it wasnt real and he removed me ported away and whispered me I have ripped lots of other people off so far and you cant stop me. Well at least I can help stop him.

 ;) I just wanted to say never trust someone in a deal trust me coming from being ripped off over 20 times not a lie and not one of them have kept there promiss. So dont listen to these scammers just ignore them and if you see a wizard falling for there trick why dont you warn them. K thanks for reading cya in the spiral!!!

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