Saturday, January 21, 2012


Hey everybody I am so excited to annouce the finaly contest winners but first I would like to thank all of you that entered. All of your outfits were wonderful which made it hard to pick from lol. Here are the top 5 pictures in order. ( The first 3 are the only ones that get a prize. )

                                 1st place goes to Paige SkyHaven! I love the outfit with the staff.

2nd place goes to Blaze ShadowHorn.

3rd place goes to Tasha SparkleHeart

4th place goes to Vanessa SeaMender

5th place goes to Angel

If your the 1st 2nd or 3rd winner contact me by email, facebook, or comment on this post so we can meet somewhere so I may give you your prizes. You may also give me a true friend code.

1st place: Paige SkyHaven
2nd place: Blaze ShadowHorn
3rd place: Tasha SparkleHeart
                  Thanks for playing and cya in the spiral. :)


  1. Were already friends in game so just shoot me the gift or whatever.

    Thanks again for the epic contest XD

    1. Hey for some reason I dont see you on my list anymore???

  2. Let me know when you can add me, thank you again :D