Monday, January 9, 2012

Fashion Contest!!!

Hey guys told you I would be making a contest soon. I decided to have a fashion contest! I'm so excited to see all of your outfits! I hope you all have fun and good luck!

Heres how you enter the contest: First you have to follow my blog. Second (this will increase your chances in winning but you dont have to) if you have a Facebook Twiter ect. say: I just entered The Life of a SpellCasters contest and you could to check it out Third send a picture of your wizards best outfit to or send it to me on facebook! (if you dont no how to take a picture I will tell you how at the end.)

FOLLOWING!! If you dont no what it means its the square right to the right side where it ses join the sight you have to become a follower.

1. You may only send 1 picture of your outfit
2. No phota shopping
3. Dont ask me to pick you or you will automaticly lose
4. Dont break any of the rules!

1st place:Raven hoarder pack and energy elixar
2nd place:Energy elixar
3rd place:Rebirth treasure card!

All entrys must be submited by 1/20/12!
Winners will be annouced prob that weakend.
Prizes will be given out before the end of the month.

Just press the button on your keyboard thats PrntScr. Also go to your pictures or documents and find

P.S. (edited I no the prizes arent that grate but I dont have a lot of crowns atm I will be giving away way better prizes in the next contest)

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