Monday, January 2, 2012

Hey guys I'm back!

Hey guys! I no its been A while but I'm back now, I have moved and didnt have a computer for a while and when I did get my computer I decided to take a break. Now that I'm back I'm all ready thinking about having some contests :D so keep checking back for more info!

4 my first post I'm gonna give a little tip just for now here it is:
I have read lots about gardening and for those of you that love mega snacks the evil magma peas is the best pet for you 100% garenteed to drop a mega snack when elder and it could be a rank 9. There also easy to take care of. Here are the links to all the info in on this plant

For those of you who cant buy crowns atm or dont have any here is a good plant:
I would go with the prickle berry cactus you have around a 20% chance at getting a mega snack at mature harvest and 30% at elder. There easy to take care of 2. Here is the links to more info for this plant

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