About Me

Hello everyone and welcome to my blog! Here is some information about me:
Hello my name is Edward SpellCaster(W101) and Strong Edward(P101). I have been playing Wizard101 since the beginning when the beta launched in June 2008. I was also invited to started playing in the closed beta of Pirate101 that was launched in August 2012. Games I played before these 2 were Toon Town, Pirates of the Caribbean Online, and Free Realms.

My story on how I found out about Wizard101:
Over 5 years ago I saw A game called Wizard101 on T.V., I had been looking for a game I would really like that had to do something with wizards. I signed up and waited for them to send me a email saying I was aproved. Once I got the email I started playing right away and loved it. Wizard101 is way different today then it was in 08. There is so many more players and things you can do. Also at the time, I didn't no it was the beta so when the live game launched I had to start over. Now I know that I got to be a beta tester and one of the first to play the game. :) This is also how I got my Pioneer Dragon pet.
Pioneer Dragon 

How did you get your pet?
As a reward to all the beta testers, Kingsisle gave everyone who participated A Pioneer Dragon Pet. This is one of my favorite things in the game. 

Can we hatch?
Sorry but this pet is not obtainable by hatching, its exclusively only for those who played in the beta. 

The mount:
I would also like to mention that for the 5th aniverseary of Wizard101's launch date Kingsisle gave everyone who has been playing the game since before September 2nd  received a Pioneer Dragon mount! 

What do you look like?
Here is a picture below-

Where did you get that robe with the stars and moons?
This is astral gear, just one of the many robes that were sold by Zeke for only a limited amount of time after the Beta. All the gear he sold is now retired and not obtainable in anyway.