Thursday, January 30, 2014


UPDATE!-Hey Witches and Wizards its been a long time since I updated my blog and very excited to be back. I've updated all the pages and still have a lot of things that I have planned out to finish! So feel free to check them out. These pages include the Home page, About Me, Films, Pirate101 Worlds, Pirate101 Classes, and a new page called - Contact Me.


  • Contact Me- This is a new page that will give you links to my YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and more so make sure to check it out so you can follow/add me so we can stay in touch and it will help you during contests. 
  • Films- Ive added all the latest films of Spiral Creations and have rejoined the cast from being gone so long. We have plans to start filming more videos coming up so make sure to watch and catch me in apart of the action!
  • About Me- I've added more to my story and done some editing. I've also added some cool information about questions that I get asked a lot.
  • Pirate101 Worlds- Ive added some new worlds and what there about, Im still working on the last 2 so they will be up soon.
  • Pirate101 Classes- Just some minor editing, they haven't really added anymore classes (yet).
So since its been a while I'm coming up with a contest soon for a in game crowns item. If you have any idea's on what you would like the contest to be contact me and I may just use your idea. An actually if its something I would of never thought of I might even just gift you a prize!

In the mean time I think I will be hosting simple contests on my Twitter and FaceBook Fan Page so make sure to like and follow them for a chance to win a in game item.

Also I would like to add much more to the site that could help you and improve your user experience. So please go to the Contact Me page and select a application you would like to message to me thru. Then send me a message about what you would like to see on my blog, what your interested in, and what would you like to know more about in the game.

Thats it for now folks! I'll be back to make another post soon so keep checking back! Cya soon!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Amber Transmute and Test Realm is out!


Ok first I just wanted to let you guys no this is really hard for me to type right now because I got a sun burn a day ago but Im going to because I care. :)

So Kingsisle is putting the Test Realm online for a day so make sure to go check everything ou before it goes back offline. Whats new in the test realm is the new Amber Transmute and Wysteria Housing.

Lets start of with the new Amber Transmute. For some of you that dont no what Amber is its a reagent thats only been able to be obtained by gardening and the best plant that has the highest dropping rate at the minute is white tiger lilys(1/10 drop). If you want the Amber Transmute its in Avalon in The Wild here is a picture of the map and the little green arrow is where it is sold.

Here is a picture of the guy who sells it.
Shane MacGobHann

Here is the transmute

Here is what you need to craft Amber:
Required: Legendary Artisan Badge
Gold: 2000
Card Crafting Station
Timer 000:00:30

5 Merle's Beard
5 Amber Dust
15 Sunstones
10 golden pearl

As you can see there is also 2 new reagents Merle's Beard and 5 Amber Dust. Here is what they said in the update:
Amber Dust and another mystery reagent are available from bosses like the Pendragon, Morganthe and Starburst Spider as well as bosses in Waterworks and Briskbreeze towers.

So there you have it! If you would like to get Amber faster then waiting a long time for gardening you should go farm some of these places when the updates go live or if you prefer not to just keep gardening and you will evently get there. Here are the names of the plants that drop Amber: White Tiger Lily, Deadly Ninja Fig, King Parsley, Red Bell Pepper and Red Huckleberries.

Cya later and good luck!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Kingsisle's Newest Game Pirate 101!

Hey everyone Kingsisle made a new game a new game called Pirate 101 and I'm here to tell you more about it. First off this game has not been released yet and is still in its beta stage. As you no on my blog I have told you I'm a beta tester right? Well the beta I was in was for the Wizard101 game over 4 years ago when it first came out. The beta stage is when they are still making the game but have players come in to help them test it and find bugs so there is less problems when it goes live.

I have decided to start blogging about both games Wizard101 and Pirate101. I will also be applying for a offical Pirate101 fan site that would be so awesome if I really got it. Now lets talk a little bit more about what Pirate101 is and how you can apply to play in the beta and more.

If you want to apply to play in the beta go to log in with your Wizard101 Account and press sign up. You will then be sumitted in for a draw and have a chance of being picked so you can play in the inclosed beta. Make sure to check your email every so often to see if you have any messages that say you have been chosen to play in the beta.

Now here is a little pargraph I got from the Pirate101 website that will desribe what Pirate101 is about.
It is a wondrous time of exploration and adventure, when tall ships fly the endless skies and brave the Stormgates of the Spiral. Not long ago, a generation of explorers led by the great Marco Pollo opened and mapped dozens of connections between the various realms. Trade and commerce sprang up all over the Spiral, and many nations learned that the size and strength of their fleets were the key to their destiny. Marleybone, Valencia, Monquista, and Polaris emerged as the dominant powers of the era, forming colonies and forging trade routes that made them wealthy and powerful. Grizzleheim and many other realms, tried to stay neutral, trading with all and claiming no empire.


Dont forget to check out the Pirate101 classes on one of my tabs up top! K I wish you luck in getting in the beta and cya soon! -Edward SpellCaster

Rank PvP Future Changes

Hey everyone this post is going to be about future changes to pvp. Lots of people have been talking about how there is spammers and puppeting and much more unfair things happening in pvp. Also some people believe Kingsisle isnt going to change anything and hasnt been working on this problem. I'm here to tell you that its not the end for pvp Kingsisle has repsonded to a wizards post about these problems. Here is the thread and what they said.

Professor Greyrose

06:25 am

Lunari (not Professor Greyrose) wrote:Thank you for your invitation to post our thoughts about PVP on the forums. I am happy to hear that you are listening to the players thoughts.

We understand that you can't make everyone happy, and maybe it's because of this that you stand silent with your thoughts and ideas and the direction that you see for PVP and for the game in general?

The players are very vocal with their thoughts and ideas and feedback. Could we please get some indication from you about where YOU think PVP is at this time? Where do you see PVP going in the future? What issues within PVP are you aware of and actively working on at this time? When can we expect to see some of the issues with PVP addressed?

At the moment, the only communication we have with you about where you all see PVP is based on the items that are released and many think you've jumped the shark and no longer care about balance in the arena based on what has been coming down the pike. Maybe you have a grand plan that isn't obvious to us at this time? Please communicate with us!

Professor Greyrose's response:  At this time, I can confirm that we have plans to make changes to Player vs Player combat, but we are not ready to discuss what those changes are, or how extensively PvP will be altered.
We are also not ready to release information about a timeline on these changes. The feedback here on the Player vs Player section of the official message boards are referenced during our discussions about the current state of PvP.
Well there yea go. Hope you enjoyed this post and look forward to future pvp cya.
-Edward SpellCaster

Monday, June 11, 2012

Hoard of the Hydra Pack!

Hey guys today Kingsisle released a new pack. We all no Kingsisle keeps making packs but this one is just really intresting and cool. The new Hoard of the Hydra Pack is introdcucing the first ever three person mount. Be warned thought there is only a CHANCE you will get this and the chances are not very high. If you care about your crowns and dont wanna waste them try to set a limit and no cheating!
Dont forget for all you pvpers there are some really good wands in this pack. I got the Mandolin of Evermore wand which is my favorite because it gives 80 critical block, 8% incoming and 12% outgoing healing, 1 guardian spirit item card, and of course 1 power pip at the beginning of  the battle and 6 life wand attacks that do 130 damage for lvl 80s. The other good wand called Misty Mountain Mandolin, the good thing about this wand it has 123 critical block 5% incoming and outgoing healing, 1 snow drifter spell card, and 1 power pip and 6 ice wand hits that do 130 damage.

Kingsisle said:
In addition to the Hydra mount, this new game card pack also has tons of cool new items!
Beast Pet
Magical Mandolin Wand
New Gear
New Pet Snacks
New Bobbleheads
and much more!

Click the image to open in full size.
Thanks for reading and hope to see you soon! -Edward SpellCaster
P.S. Yes I updated this post because Bloggers was having some errors earlyer.


Saturday, June 9, 2012

Avalon New Craftable Spells and There Locations

Ok hey everyone I'm back! It turns out my laptop wasnt broken it was just the charger. Anyways Avalon has some new spell recipe vendors and I decided to talk about them on my first post back. So every school got a spell but fire. The reason people are saying fire didnt get one is because fire all ready has 2 5 pip spells unlike the other schools and that it would be uneven if they got another. Myth also didnt get anything new because the spell is ninja pigs and they all ready have that spell. By the way you can get any of these spells no matter what school you are! So all you ninja pig loves can finaly train that spell. Also I think if fire would of gotten one it would of been fire treant. Here is a list of the spells and where to get them:

Location: Avalon, The Wyrd, where you fight Indigo Giant.

Ice: handsome Formori

Storm: Catalian

Death: Deer Knight

Location: Moshu, Jade Palace, vendors name is Toshio

Myth:Ninja Pig


Life: Goat Monk

Here is the link to my Youtube page subscribe and look for my video. My video might not be there for you though atm so give it a couple days I'm new to Youtube and stuff. :)

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Level 70 gear and new transfermations!

Hey guys I just went to log on today and kingsisle said that there is new lvl 70 gear and the new transfermations in the crowns shop! Heres what they said:

There is new stuff for your Wizard in the Crown Shop today! If you're a Transcended Wizard battling in Zafaria, we have 8 new Level 70 Gear sets. Each school has its own set, and there is also a generic powerful level 70 set! We've also got new transformations, so if you've been wanting to be a Wolf Warrior or Draconian, check them all out in the Crown Shop today.

So hope you enjoy the new lvl 70 crown gear and transfermations. Have fun! cya-Edward SpellCaster