Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Rank PvP Future Changes

Hey everyone this post is going to be about future changes to pvp. Lots of people have been talking about how there is spammers and puppeting and much more unfair things happening in pvp. Also some people believe Kingsisle isnt going to change anything and hasnt been working on this problem. I'm here to tell you that its not the end for pvp Kingsisle has repsonded to a wizards post about these problems. Here is the thread and what they said.

Professor Greyrose

06:25 am

Lunari (not Professor Greyrose) wrote:Thank you for your invitation to post our thoughts about PVP on the forums. I am happy to hear that you are listening to the players thoughts.

We understand that you can't make everyone happy, and maybe it's because of this that you stand silent with your thoughts and ideas and the direction that you see for PVP and for the game in general?

The players are very vocal with their thoughts and ideas and feedback. Could we please get some indication from you about where YOU think PVP is at this time? Where do you see PVP going in the future? What issues within PVP are you aware of and actively working on at this time? When can we expect to see some of the issues with PVP addressed?

At the moment, the only communication we have with you about where you all see PVP is based on the items that are released and many think you've jumped the shark and no longer care about balance in the arena based on what has been coming down the pike. Maybe you have a grand plan that isn't obvious to us at this time? Please communicate with us!

Professor Greyrose's response:  At this time, I can confirm that we have plans to make changes to Player vs Player combat, but we are not ready to discuss what those changes are, or how extensively PvP will be altered.
We are also not ready to release information about a timeline on these changes. The feedback here on the Player vs Player section of the official message boards are referenced during our discussions about the current state of PvP.
Well there yea go. Hope you enjoyed this post and look forward to future pvp cya.
-Edward SpellCaster

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