Monday, June 11, 2012

Hoard of the Hydra Pack!

Hey guys today Kingsisle released a new pack. We all no Kingsisle keeps making packs but this one is just really intresting and cool. The new Hoard of the Hydra Pack is introdcucing the first ever three person mount. Be warned thought there is only a CHANCE you will get this and the chances are not very high. If you care about your crowns and dont wanna waste them try to set a limit and no cheating!
Dont forget for all you pvpers there are some really good wands in this pack. I got the Mandolin of Evermore wand which is my favorite because it gives 80 critical block, 8% incoming and 12% outgoing healing, 1 guardian spirit item card, and of course 1 power pip at the beginning of  the battle and 6 life wand attacks that do 130 damage for lvl 80s. The other good wand called Misty Mountain Mandolin, the good thing about this wand it has 123 critical block 5% incoming and outgoing healing, 1 snow drifter spell card, and 1 power pip and 6 ice wand hits that do 130 damage.

Kingsisle said:
In addition to the Hydra mount, this new game card pack also has tons of cool new items!
Beast Pet
Magical Mandolin Wand
New Gear
New Pet Snacks
New Bobbleheads
and much more!

Click the image to open in full size.
Thanks for reading and hope to see you soon! -Edward SpellCaster
P.S. Yes I updated this post because Bloggers was having some errors earlyer.


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