Saturday, June 9, 2012

Avalon New Craftable Spells and There Locations

Ok hey everyone I'm back! It turns out my laptop wasnt broken it was just the charger. Anyways Avalon has some new spell recipe vendors and I decided to talk about them on my first post back. So every school got a spell but fire. The reason people are saying fire didnt get one is because fire all ready has 2 5 pip spells unlike the other schools and that it would be uneven if they got another. Myth also didnt get anything new because the spell is ninja pigs and they all ready have that spell. By the way you can get any of these spells no matter what school you are! So all you ninja pig loves can finaly train that spell. Also I think if fire would of gotten one it would of been fire treant. Here is a list of the spells and where to get them:

Location: Avalon, The Wyrd, where you fight Indigo Giant.

Ice: handsome Formori

Storm: Catalian

Death: Deer Knight

Location: Moshu, Jade Palace, vendors name is Toshio

Myth:Ninja Pig


Life: Goat Monk

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